An interpretation of this amazing song by Radiohead. Explanation of the lyrics and the actual lyrics can be found here.

In my opinion, this is a song dedicated to each one of us as a person listening to what our mind (the house), or better yet, our subconscious (the basement) is telling us. The further you enter your subconscious or even your mind, the more secrets (toys) you find which have been locked in there for a long time and haven’t been shown to anyone. Secrets you would like to stay buried or disappear that are personified. They come alive instead of getting buried. They scare you. They become the basis of your paranoia.

This “persona” created inside of you is found constantly fighting with the “real you” (as it is erroneously called). “The real you” which, in fact, is just a fake trying to hide things that society would not appreciate. Things that would make it impossible for you to go by with society and be accepted. Things that, if hidden, will loosen your grip on individuality and turn you into a mindless “zombie” that follows the invisible commands of society. It follows the exactly theme of the album “OK, Computer” of a world dominated by machines but not only. Human machines too. A mass of people with “locked houses and basements” which can be commanded at will.

The personified invisible, muffled, …this… imperceptible, Donnie Darko-ish being which follows us everywhere, watching everything we do with big glowing eyes as if looking straight into the truth you are hiding behind the walls created in your mind to make it unable for “it” to take over you. It is always there, following us watching us, hearing us, everywhere we go. It feeds on the darkness inside of us and then tried to go on the outside. It tried to control you. To become you. It is but a matter of time before you realize that this “persona”, this being that follows you is actually yourself. Your real self. The one that hides nothing. Bends to no will and is unique in his it’s own way.

In the end, letting him take over us might free us from the pain of always acting as someone we are not, but instead gives us individuality. An individuality which makes you feel like you don’t belong in society. Makes you feel distant to everyone. Unwanted. It simply makes you feel lonely… It is then, that Thom gives the idea to end it all. To give up the hard earned individuality which pays nothing but pain and loneliness (both the same thing) in return and kill yourself. (Fifteen blows to the back of your head, 15 representing the number of steps one takes on the gallows before being hung.

Fifteen blows to your mind, representing the number of floors the building you decide to jump by).The song in itself gives out a desire to be unique, to be an individual different from the others. It gives you the desire to be free, only to give it the only possible outcome… loneliness, pain, suffering and death to ease the previous three.

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Source: Christaan Felber 

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Courtesy of YouTube (user stunnedpaulpro), a pricelessly amusing moment during the Royal world premiere of “A Hard Day’s Night” at London’s Piccadilly Circus 50 years ago today, on 6 July 1964…

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George Harrison - The Beatles: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Abandoned petting zoo | Crandon Park |  Key Biscayne FL | 2013


Abandoned petting zoo | Crandon Park |  Key Biscayne FL | 2013

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She comes in colors, Shae DeTar

she’s like a raiiiinboowww

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Radiohead | OK Computer, 1997
↳ fitter, healthier and more productive
a pig
in a cage
on antibiotics

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Ty Segall // Bees

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